What Are the Different Types of Intellectual Property?

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If you have a creation, discovery, or invention that can become a potential profit for you or your business, then you must do everything in your power to guard it. This is because it is far too common that others will take these ideas and claim them as their own. So, the best way you can guard your ideas is by practicing your intellectual property rights. With this, you can either use a copyright, a trademark, or a licensing agreement. The type that you use will all depend on the circumstances surrounding your idea. Continue reading to learn the different types of intellectual property, which one is best to protect your idea, and how an experienced Essex County, New Jersey intellectual property lawyer at Ingber Law Firm can come to your aid and help you in obtaining one.

What is considered a copyright?

You may obtain a copyright if you have a published or unpublished original piece of work. That is, a copyright gives you the right to print, publish, perform, film, or record your work. Just some of the pieces of work that a copyright can safeguard, after registering it with the United States Copyright Office, include the following:

  • Books.
  • Photographs.
  • Musical compositions.
  • Computer programs.
  • Movies.

What is considered a trademark?

You may obtain a trademark if you have a symbol, word, or phrase that you use to represent your business or product. This is because if others use your symbol, word, or phrase without express permission, then this can negatively impact your business or your product’s image. For this, you must file paperwork with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

What is considered a licensing agreement?

And lastly, you may obtain a licensing agreement if you would like others to use your concept for profit. That is, as the legal owner of a concept, you will allow others to use, market, manufacture, distribute, or sell your concept so that you can get compensated for it via revenues and royalties.

How can a New Jersey intellectual property lawyer help protect my different types of intellectual property?

Put simply, a skilled New Jersey intellectual property lawyer from our firm can help you safeguard your intellectual property in the following ways:

  • We can explain how you can safeguard your ideas via intellectual property rights.
  • We can strategize how to best safeguard your ideas (i.e., copyright, trademark, or licensing agreement).
  • We can apply for the respective protections and registrations on your behalf.

All in all, our firm believes that you not only deserve credit for your ideas but that you deserve full profit and protection. Without further ado, you must pick up the phone and call our firm today.