Why Do I Need an Intellectual Property Lawyer?

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If you have created, discovered, or invented something new, you must ensure that it is protected from infringers or otherwise your competitors. Importantly, you are not expected to do this alone. Instead, it may be wise to gain the support of an intellectual property lawyer. With proper legal representation, your work and its subsequent profits will be adequately safeguarded. Continue reading to learn why you may need to retain the services of an experienced Essex County, New Jersey intellectual property lawyer at The Ingber Law Firm to protect your work and earnings.

What type of intellectual property will a lawyer protect?

Notably, different types of intellectual property receive distinct protection and preservation of potential financial value by the law. For one, there are copyrights, which give you the right to print, publish, perform, film, or record your work. The specific work that you may protect with copyright includes literature (i.e., books), musical compositions (i.e., songs), dramatic works (i.e., movies), and artistic works (i.e., photographs).

Then, there are trademarks, which give you the right to protect something that is used to represent your business or product. Specifically, it will protect a word, phrase, letter(s), number(s), pictorial scene, smell, sound, color, packaging, or configuration that, if used by a competitor, would confuse consumers.

And lastly, there are licensing agreements, which gives you a safe way to have other use, market, manufacture, distribute, or sell your work so that you can receive revenues and royalties. Specifically, licensing agreements can be used for copyrights and trademarks.

Under what circumstances do I need an intellectual property lawyer?

Put simply, a lawyer can assist you in any and all things related to your intellectual property. For your copyright, a lawyer can work on your behalf to register your work with the U.S. Copyright Office. And for defending against your copyright’s unauthorized use, we will work on your behalf to fight infringers who have harmed the integrity of your work by illegally using, producing, duplicating, or distributing your work.

For your trademark, a lawyer can work on your behalf in filing your work with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. And if an infringer illegally uses your trademark to create confusion for consumers, then a lawyer will obtain an injunction against them and pursue legal action on your behalf.

As for licensing agreements, a lawyer can work on your behalf in drafting a legitimate contract. And if infringement occurs, a lawyer will identify the violations made to the contract and file a complaint on your behalf.

Overall, you must not proceed any further without help from a skilled New Jersey intellectual property lawyer. Schedule your initial consultation with us today.