Why Should I Copyright My Digital Content?

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In simple terms, digital content is considered to be any content that exists in the form of digital data, stored on digital media or specific formats of analog storage. In an age where the Intent and overall technology reign supreme, there is no denying that you have some sort of digital content associated with your business. And so, much like you would protect your tangible intellectual property assets with a copyright, you must do the same for your intangible digital content. Continue reading to learn why it is important to copyright your digital content and how an experienced New Jersey copyright lawyer at The Ingber Law Firm can help you apply for this.

What are types of digital content that are commonly copyrighted?

Of note, The Copyright Act of 1976 protects a wide range of creative works used with computers, tablets, smartphones, videogame platforms, and any other electronic device. At the same time, it protects creative works that are used or distributed on the Internet. The odds are that your business has more digital content in its toolbox than you initially realize. More specific examples of the types of digital content commonly copyrighted, which may apply to you and your business, are as follows:

  • Your business’s pieces of digital video recordings and music recordings.
  • Your business’s pieces of digital graphics and digital photographs.
  • Your business’s online databases and software programs.
  • Your business’s emails and digital documents.
  • Your business’s website.
  • The blogs and other online content you post on your business’s website.

Why is it important to copyright my digital content?

When saved on a digital platform, your creative works may be easily spread at an alarming rate. In other words, it may pose more of a challenge to control who can access your digital media and overall protect your rights over it. For this reason alone, we strongly encourage you to take the steps toward officially copyrighting your digital content.

Once you do the legwork with this application, your creative work may be granted such security for the rest of your lifetime, plus 70 years after your passing. Specifically during this time, you may have the exclusive right to make copies, sell or distribute copies, prepare derivatives, perform, and publicly display your digital content. Notably, these are the same exclusive rights you obtain with any other tangible intellectual property asset.

But say, for instance, that your digital content has unfortunately already been infringed upon. Well, you may still apply for copyright registration within three months of this incident. In doing so, you may still pursue legal action against the infringing party, to recover both statutory and actual damages.

Rest assured, our team at The Ingber Law Firm has experience in handling cases just like yours. So please do not be afraid to reach out to a skilled Essex County, New Jersey intellectual property lawyer.