What Is the Copyright Registration Process?

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Once you protect your original work through copyright registration, you may be granted certain, exclusive rights by Copyright Law. Namely, you may be given the authority to reproduce, distribute copies, publicly perform, or publicly display your copyrighted work. This may be a game-changer for you and your business. But this may not be possible unless you undergo the same registration process that every copyright holder must undergo. Continue reading to learn what the copyright registration process entails and how an experienced New Jersey copyright lawyer at The Ingber Law Firm can guide you through every step.

What does the copyright registration process entail?

Even though copyright registration is considered voluntary, it is still in your best interest to go through this process. This is so another party may be barred from reproducing, distributing, publicly performing, or publicly displaying your work. Also, this is so you may be granted the opportunity to sue another party for copyright infringement should such an incident arise. Without further ado, you must closely follow the established steps of copyright registration. They read as follows:

  1. You must create an account with the United States Copyright Office’s registration system (www.copyright.gov/registration).
  2. You must fill out all sections of the official copyright registration application (which may include the title of the work, the year of its creation, etc).
  3. You must submit the required copyright registration application fee (which may be as much as $125 for registration by mail).
  4. You must submit a copy of the original work that you wish to register (which may also require a separate written description of its contents).

What are important dates to remember with my copyright registration?

After submitting your copyright registration application, you may expect to hear back from a registration specialist who asks for certain clarifications, additional pieces of documentation, etc. If this occurs, then you must respond and fulfill these requests within a reasonable timeframe. Specifically, you should do so within 45 calendar days; otherwise, you run the risk of your application being closed or dismissed.

But if there are no questions surrounding your application, then you may get word of your approval within three to nine months. Soon after this, you may receive your official certificate of registration in the mail. However, it is worth mentioning that your copyright registration may be effective on the date the United States Copyright Office receives your application and its supplemental documentation. In other words, you may not have to wait to receive your certificate to officially start utilizing your copyrighted work.

Lastly, you may expect your copyright registration to last for your lifetime plus 70 years. This is so long as your copyrighted work was created after 1978.

So whenever you are ready, a skilled Essex County, New Jersey intellectual property lawyer is here to provide legal assistance. Please schedule your free initial consultation with us at The Ingber Law Firm today.