What Are the Different Internet IP Matters?

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When it comes to your intellectual property, you cannot deny the power that the digital landscape has to support it. But with this great power comes a great risk of violating a law, whether it be you or another party infringing on your property. Continue reading to learn the different Internet IP matters that you should be aware of and how an experienced New Jersey internet intellectual property consultant at The Ingber Law Firm can be of assistance to you.

What are the different Internet IP matters that I should be aware of?

First of all, you should understand that any content that can be found on the Internet is considered a form of intellectual property. Understanding this will allow you to better comprehend the purpose and necessity of a website disclaimer. That is, on your site, you must state the limitations of your liability for the use of your website and its associated content. With this, you must also disclose your relationship with any external links you have included in your content. A website disclaimer is important so that you are not held liable for any damages a user may suffer upon navigating your website.

In addition, you must inform users of your website’s privacy policies. More specifically, you must disclose what data you collect and for what reason, along with disclosing how you store and protect it.

Similarly, you must informer users of your website’s work-for-hire agreements. That is, if there is work on your site that belongs to a third party, you must reference this. Notably, work created by your employee as part of their job is subject to copyright owned by you.

How can a New Jersey Internet intellectual property consultant be of assistance?

Alongside website disclaimers. privacy policies, and work-for-hire agreements, there are a host of other Internet IP matters that you must consider. They read as follows:

  • Confidentiality agreements (between you and your employees).
  • Website hosting agreements (between you and the company that hosts your website).
  • Website design and development agreements (between you and the company that designed and developed your website).
  • Music clearance and licensing agreements (between you and the copyright owner of a music composition).
  • Content licenses (between you and the copyright owner of the content).

With that being said, a skilled New Jersey Internet intellectual property consultant can help you with assessing, creating, and implementing any one of these to your website. You may require assistance if find yourself in violation of Internet intellectual property law. Or, you may need help if you believe that your Internet intellectual property is being infringed upon. Regardless of what the Internet IP matter at hand is, we urge you to schedule your free initial consultation with The Ingber Law Firm today. We look forward to your phone call.