How Can I Prepare to Meet with an Internet IP Consultant?

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You may decide to take the plunge and make your original work accessible on the Internet, so that it may potentially draw the attraction of its billions of users worldwide. With the vastness of the Internet and what it has to offer, though, you may not be surprised when you run into an issue with your intellectual property. This is when you may need to retain legal services and meet with an Internet IP consultant. Continue reading to learn how to prepare for your meeting with an experienced New Jersey Internet intellectual property consultant from The Ingber Law Firm.

What can an Internet IP consultant help me with?

Before scheduling a meeting with an Internet IP consultant, you must first ensure that they can assist you with your particular Internet-based matter. Without further ado, the consultants at The Ingber Law Firm have experience with handling the following matters:

  • Legal issues that may arise with licensing software code and open license development.
  • Legal issues that may arise with licensing multimedia and online publication rights.
  • Legal issues that may arise with the deployment of electronic commerce technologies.
  • Legal issues that may arise with negotiating technology-related business transactions.
  • Legal issues that may arise with the ownership over technology, when employees and independent contractors are involved.

In what ways can I prepare to meet with an Internet IP consultant?

Once you hire an Internet IP consultant, they will take charge of the bulk of your legal matter. However, you must still ensure that you provide your consultant with the tools needed to properly help you. This is all to say that it is wise to prepare for your meeting in the following ways:

  • Convey a brief description of your legal issue with your consultant prior to your meeting.
  • Send over copies of critically important documents to your consultant for review prior to your meeting.
  • Bring copies of any relevant contracts between you and an employee, independent contractor, publisher, etc.
  • Bring samples of your Internet intellectual property to your meeting, along with any formal registration certificates associated with it.
  • Prepare a list of possible witnesses, defendants, and other interested parties in your potential, future dispute; this is to confirm your consultant does not have any conflicts of interest.
  • Prepare a list of questions to ask your consultant during your meeting (i.e., How long will my case take?; How much is my case going to cost?; What is the projected success rate of my case?; etc).

It is worth mentioning that our firm offers free initial consultations. So when it comes to your Internet intellectual property issues, there is no question that a skilled Essex County, New Jersey intellectual property lawyer is the best fit for you. Please contact The Ingber Law Firm at your earliest possible convenience.