When Do I Need a Temporary Restraining Order of Copyright Rights?

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You may be excited to have finally gained copyright rights over your original work, along with having it go public. But if something goes awry, then a temporary restraining order of copyright rights may be necessary. Read on to discover when you may need a temporary restraining order and how a seasoned New Jersey copyright lawyer at The Ingber Law Firm can help you through this.

Under what circumstances do I need a temporary restraining order of copyright rights?

First of all, you may file an emergency request for a temporary restraining order if you are the plaintiff of a copyright infringement case. This is because this is a type of legal document that may be issued by a judge before a trial. And it is an order to stop a certain action from occurring for a specified period of time.

More specifically in your case, a temporary restraining order may force the defendant to seize the use of your copyright until a hearing on a motion for a preliminary injunction can take place. So, it may offer momentary relief to your copyright rights, as your case proceedings may take a while.

To be granted a temporary restraining order by a judge, you may have to offer certain pieces of evidence. For example, you may have to prove that you may be incurring imminent, irreparable financial damages in the absence of immediate court intervention. And once a hearing on a motion for a preliminary injunction takes place, you may have to provide additional evidence for why this relief must continue.

What other situations can a copyright lawyer help me with?

Rest assured, a lawyer may help you in arguing for a temporary restraining order. But overall, they may help you with damage control throughout your entire copyright infringement case. Examples are as follows:

  • A lawyer may help you in obtaining the assignments, licenses, and transfers that you granted for all or some of the rights embodied in your copyright.
  • A lawyer may help you in evaluating the copyright implications of your varying commercial transactions.
  • A lawyer may help you in conducting product seizures involving your copyright works.
  • A lawyer may help you in fighting back against a copyright infringement counterclaim.

This is simply a brief overview of what your copyright infringement case proceedings may entail. This is why it is recommended that you do not go through this process alone. It should go without saying that you must consult with a competent Essex County, New Jersey intellectual property lawyer immediately. Whether you are an author, musician, artist, or otherwise, we are able and willing to serve you. So give The Ingeber Law Firm a call whenever you get the chance.