How Can a Copyright Protect My Work?

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Copyrighting something you created is probably the most important step you can take to protect it. Read on to discover how copyrights work, how to obtain one, and how a seasoned New Jersey copyright lawyer of the Ingber Law Firm can help you with legally protecting your work.

What is the definition of copyright?

Put simply, copyright is a set of exclusive rights granted by law to you as the author or creator of an original piece of work. Overall, it ensures that you will get the credit and recognition you deserve for your creation. The types of original work that can be registered, and are protected by copyright law, are literary, musical, dramatic, pictorial, graphic, and sculptural works, among others.

How do I obtain a copyright to protect my work?

It is a common misconception that obtaining a copyright is a difficult process. However, so long as you have a knowledgeable attorney, the process is usually quick and easy.

To begin, your attorney will contact the United State Copyright Offices on your behalf and provide a copy of your work to keep in the Library of Congress. Once approved, you will receive your copyright notice within a year of the first publication.

In what ways can a copyright protect my work?

By having a copyright, you have exclusive rights that protect the following:

  • To reproduce your work in copies or phonorecords.
  • To prepare works based on your original work.
  • To distribute copies or phonorecords of your work to the public.
  • To publicly perform your work.
  • To publicly display your work.

How long can a copyright protect my work?

You must acknowledge that your work will only be protected by a copyright for so long. This term will vary based on the date of its publication.

For one, material that is copyrighted on or after January 1, 1978 is protected from the date of its creation until 70 years after your death. Secondly, anonymous material or material that is created or contracted under another name is protected for 95 years after its publication or 120 years from the date it was created.

With all this being said, having someone steal your work is incredibly frustrating, especially after all the effort you put in to protect it. Rest assured, so long as your work is copyrighted, you have several legal options. If you are interested in obtaining a copyright, or in taking legal action after your copyrighted work was stolen, contact a competent Essex County, New Jersey intellectual property lawyer at your earliest convenience.


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